Why Seek Partners?

Grace and Truth Evangelical Ministries International is an outreach through the local church, radio, television, Internet, books and magazines e.t.c to people around the world. The broadcast are made possible largely by the financial support and prayers of our valued partners.

What is a Partner?

In Philippians 1:5, the apostle Paul speaks of "fellowship" in the Gospel. In Greek, The word is 'Koinonia' which means Joint Participation or partnership. Paul remembers with love how Philippians have stood with him during some tough times (II Corinthians 4:7-15, 11:23-33). Their partnership has been a source of great strength for him and his ministry and he thank God for them and prays for them in his every prayer. Every partnership is a covenant relationship and has two sides of responsibility. As the Philippians gave Paul their prayers and financial support, God allow them to share in Paul's victories, to enjoy his rewards and partake of the grace of God poured out on him.

Become A Partner.

If you like to partner with our ministry, Just fill out the partner form (click here) and submit to us or call us at +234-1-792-2185. We will immediately send you a special "Grace and Truth Partner Package". This includes Audio Cd's and other materials designed to be a blessing to you and your family.